Iron Intern

The Surgeons Tireless Assistant

The Iron Intern, an articulated surgical retractor designed to mimic the human arm. With wrist, elbow and shoulder-like movements, it delivers total manoeuvrability, flexibility, and versatility for multiple procedures. One wingnut positions retraction precisely, securely and safely.

With the Iron Intern, Surgeons Benefit from:

  • – Superior Flexibility for a wide range of procedures
  • – Strongest retraction with optimal visualisation
  • – High adaptability for laparoscopic and open surgery
  • – Greater autonomy and control
  • – Safe access to the surgical site
  • – Quick, easy set-up
  • – Highest quality standards – Swiss & USA manufacturing
  • – Ease of sterilisation – Autoclavable as one unit

The Iron Intern Jumbo features powerful extra strong joints and arms for Bariatric Patients

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