Hoyland Medical, a long standing, reliable company celebrates its 34th year in the industry in 2023. The owners John and Linda Hoyland have always set very high standards in regard to listening to the customer and providing quality service and products.

With a particular focus on customer service and products that are beneficial to the patients health and well being, Hoyland Medical provides only high quality products. Long term standing agreements and relationships with the suppliers both in Australia and overseas has helped Hoyland Medical achieve its goals. Company’s such as CR Kennedy (Richard Wolf) and Rymed (Erbe)  within Australia have been with Hoyland Medical from the beginning. Overseas companies such as Merivaara, Kanmed, Transmotion, Automated Medical, Frimed, Huntleigh and High quality Surgical Instrument Ranges have created a strong and healthy relationship.

Hoyland Medical has always proved to be a market leader in the service and products it provides to the Healthcare profession.  Hoyland has been successful at winning Government Contracts over this period of 34 years. Hoyland Medical currently holds Government Contracts with instruments, headlights and light sources, examination tables and tilt beds and Laparoscopic Instrumentation.

Hoyland Medical has also been involved in the supply of various products with Large projects. Hoyland Medical also enjoys the set up of smaller yet equally important projects, such as private suites.

Hoyland Medical moves into the next 30 years with the same level of commitment, & integrity, diligence and compassion to the Patients, Nurses, Doctors in both Government and Private sectors that has seen them be a success for the past 34 years.

Hoyland Medical has always been proud to say “We are only too happy to help!” This is no different now. As you visit our website and if you are unable to find what you may be looking for, please contact us through the contact us section. Or contact your local representative.  Because “We are only too happy to help!”


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