The Stieber Rib Grip

With the Iron Intern Stieber Rib Grip, Surgeons Benefit From:

  • Superior retraction of coastal margins
  • Easy access to entire middle, upper abdomen
  • Greater autonomy and control
  • Total manoeuvrability of retraction
  • Best exposure with ratcheted handle blades
  • Extreme versatility to meet procedural needs
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The Premier Retractor System for Liver Transplant, Oncology, Bariatric Surgery

The Iron Intern Stieber Rib Grip is an open retraction system that delivers superior strength, optimum exposure, total ease of set up, and extreme flexibility. In liver transplant, the Iron Intern Stieber Rib Grip provides superior exposure for the precise and safe removal of organs. It is used in a great number of prominent transplant centres, and it achieves the strongest and safest exposure.