Disposable Tourniquet Cuffs

The Ulrich Medical® disposable cuffs a perfect fit for your hygiene concept.

Irrespective of the hospital and surgical processes, disposable cuffs as disposables guarantee hygienic safety and reliability. They therefore offer your personnel flexibility and also help to reduce their workload.

Available in the sizes 2XS – 2XL (parallel shape) and XL (conical shape) as well as an IVRA version for your regional anaesthesia’s, you can rely on the disposable cuffs from Ulrich Medical®

  • For single use – no extra time and costs for reprocessing
  • Size XL comes with an additional symbol to aid conical cuff placement
  • Simple use with a Velcro closure and additional colour coded safety band
  • Less pressure on your investment budget and optimisation of your process costs
  • Rapid treatment of emergency patients
  • Sterile Packaged – no risk of cross-contamination.

Full range of disposable and reusable cuffs available.

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