Reusable Tourniquet Cuffs

Reusable Tourniquet Cuffs are made of comfortable high-tech synthetic fiber.This is what makes the cuffs unique. They can be sterilized with steam and can be placed with optimal fit thanks to the elasticity of the material.And because the individual components of the cuffs can be dissembled, a long life cycle and high degree of efficiency is guaranteed.


  • Reusable Tourniquet Cuffs
  • Easy differentiation of cuff sizes thanks to color coding
  • Cuff sizes from 2XS to 3XL
  • High degree of resistance to clinical impurities thanks to convenient, high-tech synthetic fibers and black inside material
  • Additional standard connector for use with third-party devices
  • Fast and thorough sterilization, especially thanks to easy disassembly of the cuff into individual components
  • Can be sterilized with steam up to 134 °C thanks to new processing process.
  • Simple use with Velcro fastener
  • Latex-free

ulrich medical® multiuse cuffs are tested for biological skin tolerance and safety according to current standard DIN EN ISO 10993. They offer the highest possible degree of protection from possible biological risks during use

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