Signos Personal Ultrasound

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Signos is a portable, self-contained ultrasound device that provides faster and more accurate diagnosis at the point of care. Weighing less than 300 grams, and featuring superb image resolution, Signos is the smallest and most cost-effective ultrasound system available.

Designed to make ultrasound easy.

The Signos personal ultrasound system was designed to deliver affordable ultrasound diagnosis at the point-of-care. It can be used as a stand-alone ultrasound system or the hand-held ultrasound probe can be connected directly to a laptop or tablet (providing the flexibility of a larger display).

The compact design of the device allows one-handed operation, with practitioners able to view high-resolution colour images on the unit’s built-in colour touch screen. Signos can even be worn around the neck, replicating the portability and convenience of the traditional stethoscope.

Flexible and long lasting.

The Signos probe features an interchangeable transducer system that allows different types of scans to be conducted by connecting specific transducer heads. The device is designed to be completely serviceable with the highest wear parts (such as the transducer cap and connector door) being replaceable — greatly extending the life of the product.