MD – Scope Video Otoscope – Elite Pack

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Instant View
A clear and sharp image can be acquired and displayed momentarily on a built-in screen. Just press a single button and wait for 3 seconds.

Real Time Interaction
The medical image can be captured and shared simultaneously with patients. A true improved interaction between the health professionals and the patients.

Electronic medical record
A medical image is automatically generated to support most of the stand-alone health information system. Simply plug the cable into the video-out socket to retrieve the image.

MD Scope with:
– 1 camera probe 45 mm Ø 5.2 mm
– RCA video cable
– 24 disposable specular
– 2 AA alkaline battery

Detachable camera modules are designed for different examinations as needed.
A video port provides simultaneous image to display on TV/monitor or to download to Mac/PC system.

• Image freeze function
• 2.4″ colour LCD display
• Video out port
• Lightweight: 218 g
• Battery lifespan: 4 hours
• Size: 8 x 20 cm (2.5″x8″)