Kanmed Operatherm And Warmcloud Old Series

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Kanmed° operatherm is mostly used in the OR area but, can also be practical for warming in cardio vascular x-ray procedures, neonatal areas, etc. The range of

Heating Pads and custom-made Gel Pads permits the Operatherm to be used with all your patients.

KANMED°WARMCLOUD is a new, revolutionary patient warming system that allows the patient to regain the body temperature faster than with any other system. The patient’s temperature is held stable and precise during the entire procedure. A major advantage compared to other systems is that the warming of the patient can start before induction.

The technology that makes this possible is based on a warm air mattress that is placed under the patient where it creates a soft, comfortable and warm air cushion. The temperature and pressure in the warm air mattress is generated by a main unit, which can be placed under the operating table, and controlled by a hand controller. In addition to having a calming effect on the patient, KANMED°WARMCLOUD also reduces the risk of pressure sores.