Healthweigh Neonatal Scales

Healthweigh Neonatal Scale is ergonomically designed for the newborn and growing baby. Weight gain is an essential sign of good health in newborns. The advanced technology of the Healthweigh Neonatal Scale allows for precision weighing of newborn and growing babies. The technology is so precise that the scale is integrated into warmers and incubators used to sustain premature babies. Unique movement compensation technology provides 100% accuracy, even when baby moves during weighing.

The next level in terms of functionality and quality
Movement compensation technology
Quality transparent scoop with stand on function
Digital display with memory
USB port for download of results
Carry case to suit
Tare/Pre-set Tare, Zero/Hold, Scroll Up/Down, Clear/Enter, Reweigh kg/lb
Updatable firmware
RS232 Port and USB Port
230v/120v input, DC 9V output
Auto power off
Low battery indicator
230v/120v input, DC 9v output
Auto power off
Rechargeable battery (Class III only)
Low battery indicator
Dry battery 6 x AA