Iron Intern Retractor Holder

The Iron InternĀ® Retractor Holder is made from 100% Swiss stainless steel.

Rail clamp with self-adjusting adaptability to fit virtually every operating table. 3/D Swinger permits complete versatility of angling at the site of fixation to the operating table. The 3/D Swinger permits it to be tilted to any position the surgeon requires. With the Iron InternĀ®, a simple adjustment of the 3/D Swinger permits rotation of the long arm up to 180 degrees.

The Vertical Pole allows you to adjust the length of the main support of the articulating mechanical arm by locking it at your required position and tightening the 3/D Swinger on the rail.

The newly designed 3/D Swinger rail clamp (Patent Pending) provides a better locking mechanism. Inserting grooves inside the inner collar of the table clamp guarantees the vertical pole will be locked in place and stable even under vigorously applied