Spinal Floating System

The Spinal floating System is a versatile and cost-effectice table-top platform that can be easily fitted to any standard operating table. With a weight capacity of 250 kg it enables patients to be safely positioned for a wide range of spinal procedures.

The frame is fully radiolucent and the body supports allow the abdomen to hang freely with the aim of reducing venal pressure.


  • Spine frame
  • Spine frame straps (Set of 4)
  • Prone head support system
  • Comfort chest support – Standard
  • Comfort hip supports – Standard (Pair)
  • Comfort skin shin support
  • Knee ring (Pair)
  • Pad (2 inch)
  • Prone face cushion (Box of 10)
  • Comfort covers 3 piece set (Box of 6 sets)
  • Order No: CSM-2715-G