Kanmed Baby Warmer

The Kanmed Baby Warmer is a warm Water Mattress that warms newborn or premature babies. It is based on the philosophy of Kangaroo Mother Care. A very soft designed Water Mattress that is 37°C substitutes the mother’s skin. The baby is covered depending on its needs and surrounding temperature. The optimal warming ensures growth rates in gram/day that are equal to or better than the best incubators.


Kanmed Baby Warmer

Further advantages

• The baby feels like being on its mother’s skin which makes it relax, sleep and develop well.
• The adjustable Kanmed Baby Nest that surrounds the water mattress creates a feeling of safety and allows physical support.
• The efficiency allows the care and warming of babies weighing as little as 900g
• It radiates a feeling of wellness
• It is very safe and simple to use
• The investment is low and the lifetime is long
• More than 10 000 units in use worldwide
• Kanmed BabyWarmer is the only open cot that has several published studies to prove that it is in fact suitable for warming of babies.

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