Sonicaid Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis

Increasing Efficiency

The Dawes-Redman CTG analysis can report criteria met for a normal trace in as little as 10 minutes. This reduces the time it takes to process mums through busy antenatal clinics by a factor of 3. This frees up staff, beds & equipment, taking the pressure off stretched resources & reducing costs. Pregnancy & childbirth can be a stressful experience. Spending less time on the fetal monitor helps to make this a less stressful experience, while providing reassurance that the baby is OK, or is receiving the best care & management it needs. For busy working mums it can also reduce the time she needs to take off work during pregnancy.


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Sonicaid Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis


It is a unique software tool which provides a numeric analysis of the CTG trace and a robust interpretation based on the world-renowned Dawes-Redman Criteria.


• Because the traditional approach of assessing a trace by eye is based on highly subjective, opinion. This has repeatedly been shown to be a major problem.

• Because communication based on subjective opinion (“It looks a bit flat”), has also been shown to be associated with poor outcomes.

• Because training is often very limited

• Dawes-Redman Analysis can help by improving outcomes.

It is a powerful aid to pregnancy management and has the potential to avoid poor outcomes.


• With results in as little as 10 minutes it can speed up the time taken to perform CTGs.