Kanmed Baby Bed

Kanmed Baby Bed provides the best care for
premature and newborn babies in medium and
low intensive care situations. The cosy Baby Bed
is developed together with neonatal nurses to
guarantee a high level of ergonomics. The height
of the Baby Bed can easily be electrically adjusted
and the see-through side walls are easy to fold for
the best access to the baby. The bed comes with a
nicely designed tent to reduce the baby’s exposure
to light, air condition and sound. Most Kanmed Baby
Beds are equipped with the KanMed°BABYWARMER.
Together they form a modern care station in Neonatal
Intensive Care, Maternity and Delivery wards.
found all over the world.


Kanmed Baby Bed comes with some Improvements are as follows :
• Unique raising and lowering of the side walls.
• Easily Cleaned.
• Greater feeling of stability.
• A handy rail around the bed.
• Foot pedal for height adjustment.
• Up to three storage boxes.
• Power outlet for the Kanmed BabyWarmer.

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