Vascular Clamps

What started as a laboratory tool over thirty years ago, has become the most popular micro clamp due to the many advantages this clamp series has for its users

  • light and compact design
  • extremely durable
  • corrosion resistant metallurgy
  • a unique gripping surfaces
  • smooth sliding bar action on all approximator clamps
  • clamp profile with parallel sided jaws
  • choice of matte or black finish

Please choose from the following products:

  • Acland – Matte Finish
  • Acland – Black Finish
  • Acland, angulated – Matte Finish
  • Acland, angulated – Black Finish
  • Clamp Applying Forceps
  • Disposable Vascular Clamps, Single
  • Disposable Vascular Clamps, Double

Clamp Security

Precisely calibrated closing force, which is 100% quality controlled and inspected, with a secure working grip surface, providing impressive security in use, against both slippage and leakage. SAT’s clinical micro clamps are the gentlest and least traumatic of all small vessel clamps. Now all clamps of the “B” series are marked to advise the surgeon on vessel sizes.

“A” or “V” Pattern?

Throughout the series, the? V? pattern is the all-purpose clamp, commonly used on all veins, and almost all arteries. The? A? pattern, available in all sizes, is designed for exceptionally thick-walled vessels and slippery arteries. The slight incurve of the tips of the? A? pattern jaw provides extra security against slippage.