Multifunctional Handrail Wheelchair Scale – With Two Ramps

The Electronic Wheelchair Scale answers both patients and carers needs. The scale is very accessible, thanks to the exceptionally wide side ramps. Advanced movement compensation technology eliminates involuntary movement made during the weighing process and ensures exact weighing information. Manual or automatic tare option enables weight of wheelchair to be reduced. The Multifunction Handrail Scale has an original design. The stable, integrated seat provides the patient with a safe and comfortable weighing process. The seat can be easily lifted, thereby enabling the patient to be weighed while standing as well, supported by the robust handrail. Equipped with an extremely robust handrail, and high capacity, the Multifunction Handrail Scale is essential for any hospital or clinic that treats heavier patients.

Key Features:
Movement compensation technology
BMI function
Scroll Down/Up
5 digit ¾- LCD/Positive FSTN
Automatic Reweigh
Updatable firmware
Optional: Bluetooth
Ports: RS232 and USB
Folded, Pre- assembly
Auto power off
6 X 1.5AA batteries
Low battery indicator
The scale has a patented hinge joint for simple assembly and can be folded and transported on two heavy duty wheels
2 years warranty
230v/120v input, DC 9V output
Auto power off
Low battery indicator
6 X 1.5AA batteries (Non-Class III only)
Rechargeable batteries (Class III only)