5 Section Treatment Couch No Postural Drainage


Electric Hi Lo operation by foot switch
Sleek design with rounded frame legs for safety
Height adjustable padded armrests
Head section has face hole and plug
Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
7.5cm retractable castors for safety and mobility
Reliable TiMotion motor
Supportive foam padding


Total Length: 195cm
Width: 66cm
Headrest length: 43cm
Mid section length: 51cm
Backrest length: 96cm
Adjustable backrest through gas operated strut to +70 Degrees
Adjustable headrest through gas operated strut from -35 to +70 Degrees
Height range from 50cm to 96cm in approx 30 seconds
Padding thickness 5cm
Foam Density: 36kg/m3
Upholstery: Heavy duty PVC vinyl that is fire, stain, mildew, oil, water and wear resistant
Warranty: 7 Years Construction, 3 Years Electrics
Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485-2016
Weight Capacity: 250KG

ET51NB – Navy Blue

MAINTENANCE: Please make sure your table is serviced yearly to ensure your table functions to its optimum. Lubrication of pivot points and moving points on your table must be done on a regular basis.