Medical Combination Warming Cabinet GE-2350D

Fluid compartment: 35 – 50⁰C. Factory preset max 42⁰C
Blanket compartment. 35 – 80⁰C. Factory preset max 70⁰C
Temperature settings can easily be changed by a technician or when ordering.
About 200 kg with shelves/baskets

140kgs without shelves/baskets
168 cm without feet or wheels
Meassures outside excl feet or wheels:
168 cm / 66 cm / 64 cm
Inner size each compartment:
59 cm / 56 cm / 53 cm (about 160 litres)
Power consumption:
Average 150-250W
230 VAC +- 10% or 115VAC
Stainless steel. PU insulation.
Double glass door.
Heavy duty Shelves in fluid compartment, roller bearings.
We recommend 4 shelves/baskets in the fluid compartment and 2 shelves in the blanket compartment.



Kanmed Combination Cabinet has 2 compartments: The upper for Textiles/Blankets and the under for fluids, gel pads and other items you may want to warm.

Detailed information
Kanmed Combination Cabinet for Fluids and Blankets. Perfect when you want both blankets and fluids close to your working stations. Also very suitable for smaller Clinics and veterinary hospitals.