The Laparoscopic Toolbox

ERAGON modular sets benchmarks for versatility and quality. The modular instrument generation enables the surgeon to cover a wide range of applications, allowing him to build on precision, reliability, and intuitive handling. ERAGON modular is the system for every laparoscopic discipline – your Laparoscopic Toolbox.

2.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 5.0 mm and 10.0 mm – Perfection in every dimension

Jaw inserts for any application and sheath tubes in three important dimensions with a range of working lengths create a universal range of applications. The capability for combination with our ERAGONmodular and ERAGONaxial handles also plays a role in maximizing versatility.

Alternatives with grip

The ergonomic design of ERAGON handles takes into account a surgeon’s unique hand and positioning needs. The handles feature wide contact surfaces at sensitive points, optimum operation of the rotation knob, precise grip and manipulation, and a refined ratchet mechanism.

Safety first

ERAGON modular has a well-designed safety concept. This covers the standard of hygiene and patient safety. The sheath tubes are insulated with Halar®, a high-quality layer of insulation. Vulnerability to insulation damage is significantly reduced compared to shrink tubing insulation. The Halar® coating provides a reliable connection with the metal sheath and also ensures enhanced safety when using monopolar HF current. The interior joint mechanism provides additional patient safety. The joint of the jaw insert is covered by the distal end of the sheath tube. This excludes the possibility of unwanted injuries caused by inadvertently pinching any tissue.

Connecting convenience

The “Click-it” lock technology enables the ERAGON modular instrument system assembly by surgical technicians for smooth streamlined procedures in the operating room and in reprocessing departments. The intuitive “Click-it” system operates entirely without complicated mechanisms and can be activated safely and reliably at any time. ERAGON modular offers a decisive advantage with the “Click-it” technology. The resulting fast and precise connection between the components forms the basis for the efficiency of the entire modular system.

Overview of ERAGON modular

  • Comprehensive instrument system, perfectly integrated
  • Streamlined and cost-effective
  • Individually combinable
  • Interdisciplinary applications
  • Intuitive and ergonomic
  • Optimized tray configuration
  • Well-designed safety concept
  • Wide range of jaw inserts with different diameters and working lengths
  • Large selection of handle versions

The toolbox principle

ERAGON modular offers surgeons a wide range of options for creating their ideal laparoscopic set. Ergonomic handles, all diameters relevant to the routine requirements of medical practice, effective working lengths, and a range of jaw sections can be combined as necessary. This universal compatibility also ensures that individual trays can comprise fewer instruments – an advantage for efficiency and an opportunity to reduce costs.