Leisegang Colposcopes

Better Contrast, Clarity and Visualization

Leisegang’s highly acclaimed colposcopes are renowned for unparalleled precision, uncompromising quality and lasting performance. Specially selected, hand-polished and hand-set German optics, parfocal 3-step magnification, and convergent optical beams contribute to Leisegang’s remarkable depth and clarity. These light-emitting diode (LED) colposcopes offer the highest-intensity LED light on the market, coupled with improved balance contrast and increased stereoscopic 3-D clarity.

  • Delivers 24,000 Lux at 300 mm working distance. The brightest LED light on the market, it transmits 2.5x more luminance than halogen for greater visibility of cellular and vascular changes
  • Specially selected, hand-polished and set optics are positioned in a convergent optical pathway. Unique to LEISEGANG, this provides true stereoscopic 3D visualization with less eye fatigue
  • Daylight colour temperature and stable colour spectrum provide highly-improved, balanced contrast and better clarity for unsurpassed visualization
  • Green filter for enhanced contrast
  • Measuring reticules installed in optical pathway facilitate immediate lesion size assessment
  • Three-step magnification: 3.75x, 7.5x, 15x
  • Parfocal lens ensures focal clarity as magnification changes
  • Individually adjusting dioptre rings for correction of ametropia (+7 to -7)
  • Variable fine and gross adjustments for optimum height and precision focus
  • Energy-efficient, cool-to-the-touch scope head is ideal for busy practices
  • LED delivers 20,000 hours or about 20 years of service*
  • Complementary dust cover and in-service with purchase
  • One-year standard warranty. Additional service options available under Customer Assurance Program (CAP)
  • Available in 4 base configurations