Sonicaid FM830

Sonicaid FM830 Encore Acute Fetal/Maternal Monitoring

Acute Fetal/Maternal Intrapartum Monitoring

The Sonicaid FM830 Encore range is designed to provide flexible solutions for high-risk Fetal and maternal assessment.

A high performance Fetal and maternal intrapartum monitor uses todays most advanced technology to produce the most accurate acquisition of data for clinician decision support. Whether you need standard Fetal monitoring or equipment for specialist, high-risk care, the Sonicaid FM830 Encore series gives you accuracy and clarity in every situation.

For close monitoring of the mother as well as the Fetus, the Sonicaid FM830 Encore is a fully integrated system which allows the simultaneous monitoring of Maternal ECG, Pulse Oximetry and Blood Pressure without the need for additional standalone devices.

Key Features:

  • Antepartum CT Analysis.
  • Intrapartum Trend.
  • Two Ultrasound Channels for Twins Monitoring.
  • FECG allowing for Triplet Monitoring.
  • MECG Maternal Monitoring.
  • External Toco.
  • IUP Option.
  • Maternally Sensed Fetal Movement Marker.
  • Actogram.
  • Non Invasive Blood Pressure.
  • Maternal Pulse Oximetry.