Single Use Cell Sampler and Collectors

PapetteĀ® can gather the full spectrum of cervical cells, including the transformation zone, in a single rotating motion. Extremely cost-efficient, it helps provide highly efficient sampling and improves test accuracy for fluid-based technology.

Simplified, one-step procedure for clinician
Full spectrum sample includes the transformation zone
High overall cell yield improves test accuracy
Unique, softer bristles with slip agent

The Wallach EndocellĀ® offers a simple, manual suction process for extracting screening samples from the endometrium. In most cases, no cervical dilation is necessary. This non-traumatic process screens for endometrial carcinoma, precancerous conditions, and uterine pathogens and can be utilized for fertility diagnostics, hormonal therapy, endometrial biopsy, and menstrual extraction.

Moldable for easy insertion into a markedly anteverted or retroverted uterus
Excellent suction provided by elastomeric seal piston plunger
No cervical dilation necessary in most cases
Numbered sounding marks for safety and precision
3.1mm outside diameter
Sterilized and individually packaged