Single use Erbe APC ( Argon Plasma Coagulation ) probe

The single use Erbe APC ( Argon Plasma Coagulation ) probe connection cable and filter are completely integrated in the probe and is used with the Erbe APC series such as the Erbe APC 3 

The Erbe single-use probes can be immediately used in the OR. There is no need to prepare the connecting cable – which means no preparation costs for the cable. This represents a significantly lower price per APC application compared to conventional single-use APC probes. “Plug and play” doesn‘t get much easier and cheaper than that.

For technical details and applications, please see the Erbe Brochure


  •  No preparation of the probe or cable required
  •  Therefore lower costs per APC application
  •  No replacement of the membrane filter
  • required
  • Plug and Play
  • No contamination of the unit