The world’s first Body Composition monitor Calibrated for Gestational age 23 weeks to 18 years.

From the time you start using the BioScan touch i8 – nano to the moment you finish, you will be amazed by its brilliance of innovation and technology.

The assessment of Body Composition and Fluid Status with the BioScan touch i8 – nano can provide vital information, this is especially important when assessing malnutrition and metabolic risk in patients with chronic disease.



Babies undergo rapid complex periods of growth and physical development that is normal in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

In clinical and research settings thorough understanding of the changes in Body Composition and Fluid Status of Preterm, Neonatal and Pediatric is essential in order to deliver appropriate therapy.

Evidence suggests that baby’s Fluid Status, Body Fat, Muscle and Bone play an important role in regulating the whole body energy metabolism.