Kanmed WarmCloud Patient Warming Systems

The Kanmed WarmCloud patient warming systems consists of a single-use Warm Air Mattress, a Main Unit and a Hand controller for operating the system. The idea is simple yet it is the most efficient system available on the market. The Warm Air Mattress is placed under the patient and creates a soft, comfortable and temperature controlled cushion.

Warmer Literature


Kanmed Warm Cloud patient warming systems has been used with more than 100 000 patients. Nearly all reached 37°C core temperature. Hand Controller for setting temperature and mattress pressure.The best solution for the patient The system makes the cold, hard operating table warm and comfortable in no time at all. This helps the patient relax. It nearly eliminates the risk of pressure sores, even during very long procedures. The best solution for the anesthesia staff Place the mattress on the operating table and connect it to the Main Unit. Very quickly, your patient will be warm and comfortable. The system is very quiet and unobtrusive. The best solution for the surgeon.

The stable Warm Air Mattress is placed under the patient. The surgeon has full access to the surgical site and will not be get warmed. The best solution for the hospital efficient and thorough warming shortens post-operative care, since well-known hypothermia-induced complications are eliminated. Easy handling and elimination of complicated procedures for pressure sore prevention help towards a speedier recovery, lower costs and more satisfied patients.

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